Moving Pages

If you determine that a page was put in the wrong location, you can use the Move action to move that article to a different location. You do this from the actions dropdown menu for the article.

When moving an article, you specify the target location (including the tab, if you have multiple tabs) and a relative page. You then specify the relation to the target page: whether the page will be moved as a sub-article of that page, or positioned above or below the page.

The move action is a request which may or may not require approval. If the current article has any approvers (either in the article itself or its parent articles), or the target location (either the target itself or its parents) has any approvers, then all of those approvers will have to approve the move before it will be processed. 

Setting an Optional Approver for the move action will send a one-time approval notification to the selected wiki manager user. This may be used to notify and seek approval from another subject matter expert user or supervisor for just that move change.

Note: setting an optional approver does not change the primary approver or add a secondary approver.

Regardless of the outcome of the request, you will be notified by email whether the move was approved or rejected.

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